Sunday, October 7, 2012

News Paper - Nail Tutorial

Auf anfrage von: Vivien (click) gibt es hier jetzt ein News Paper Nail-Tutorial wie auf auf dem dritten bild hier (click 02) . Okay, Here I go ! :

What you'll need:
ImageBanana - IMG_8149.JPG
- Nail polish remover - News Paper Strips - Tweezers  - Plastic Cup with water in it - And obviously nail polish. Base Coat, a light colour (otherwise you won't see the news paper on it), and Top Coat ! :)

Step 1:

- Put paper Strips in the Plastic Cup with Water and add some nail polish remover. The nail polish remover will just help the process to go faster. If you don't have any remover at home you can try to use only water. I just thought it works a lot better with a little nail polish remover.

Step 2:

- Put Base Coat and a light colour on Nails and let them dry for at least an hour. Or if you have better nail polish than I do: 20 minutes to half an hour should do.

Step 3:
ImageBanana - page.jpg
- Carefully select a News Paper Strip that will fit onto your nail and take it out with the Tweezers.
- Place Strip onto Nail and press gently for about 30 sec. ( 1-2 minutes if no nail polish remover was added to water )

Make sure you don't move the Strip around once placed on nail, as result might end up a little blurry.

ImageBanana - IMG_8161.JPG  E Voila ! News Paper Nails :) I hope You guys liked it :) Ich wuerde mich unglaublich sehr ueber feedback freuen, und ergebnisse, falss ihr es auch probiert habt ! :)


  1. werd ich auf jeden fall mal ausprobieren :) sieht echt cool aus!!

  2. echt gute idee! werd ich nachher gleich ausprobieren :)